CABNA Application

Steps to join are for you to complete the application with a submission of fees to join. 

Download Application with Link Below

Fees:  Membership dues for the following categories:

The red is your fees to join (national fees plus $50.00 local).

o   $225.00 national for each RN ($275)

o   $175.00 national for each LPN/LVN ($225)

o   $50.00 for each (unlicensed) student member ($80)

o   $112.50 for each retired nurse ($162.50)

o   $150.00 for each first-year grads (graduated in 2019) ($200)

         o $2,000.00 – Lifetime Member plus local dues for the first initial year.  After the initial payment local dues is due each year to be in good standing with your chapter.

The additional $50.00 ($30.00 for students) is for the local chapter dues which help to cover: National Chapter Dues of $250.00; and $115.00 for Liability Chapter Insurance is due each year.

These fees are due each year January through December with a chapter goal for all members to become Lifetime members within 3 years of initial application to prevent yearly dues to Nationals.



Please Complete Additional Annual Forms Below

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Mail all forms to address below:

Columbia Area Black Nurses Association, PO BOX 23782, Columbia, SC  29224