Columbia Area Black Nurses Association

We Nurses Are As Good As Our M. A. S. E. S.

Message From CABNA President

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Let me thank you CABNA founding members for believing in my vision and supporting me along this journey to form the Columbia Area Black Nurses Association.  I continue to be excited about the journey that CABNA will embark and the lives it will change along the way.

As a registered nurse my desire has always been to help others, by any means necessary.  My first role is to help every patient that I encounter to live the healthiest life possible; through the care delivered, the advocacy pursued, and the education provided as a nurse within my role as a registered nurse.

As an educator, I’m dedicated to pour in my wealth of knowledge to my peers and to the future nurses I encounter along my professional path.   Totally not fond of the statement “Nurses eating their young”, I’m devoted to changing that to phrase to state “Nurses take care of their own”.  With the phrase in mind, I envision a mentorship program to provide support, help cultivate, and to motivate the future millennial and generation X nurses.  I also envision a mentorship program utilizing public speaking and public forums within our school systems to engage and inspire others to pursue nursing as a professional career.

As CABNA president, I would like to participate and partnership with other local and national associations and organizations to help decrease health disparities within and around the communities that I live/work.  I would like to discuss and fight with our local and state politicians regarding policies and legislative acts that concern the health of all citizens and the laws that govern nurses within the profession.  Some of my dearest health concerns I would love to focus on are Blood Pressure & Strokes in Men, HIV, Lupus, and Medical Access to Health for all individuals.

CABNA Motto is “We Nurses Are as Good as Our M.A.S.E.S” (Mentorship, Advocacy, Service, Education, & Scholarship.  I will challenge CABNA’s members to stay true to the chapters Motto while continuing to be in alignment with both CABNA & NBNA mission.

Final thoughts, I desire to provide a platform for my peers to take care of themselves by engaging in social activities, team building, and professional growth opportunities that will be afforded to CABNA.

I look forward to meeting and engaging with all of you.

Whakeela M. James, MSN, RN

CABNA Madame President